Top-drawer design

The high backrest makes Intra look even smarter and provides extra comfort.

The longer people spend in meetings, the greater their need for more dynamic movement in the seating to keep body and mind alert and on the ball. This applies to traditional conference rooms and executive offices in particular because agile working and conference methods with high levels of interaction are increasingly the order of the day. Which is why the new Intra conference chair comes with precision-adjustable height and technology so that the area people sit on and the backrest tilt adapt synchronously to movements. The chair adapts automatically to user weights too: they just sit down, make the adjustments and their bodies and chair do the rest.

Intra comes with special technology so that the area people sit on and the backrest tilt adapt synchronously to movements.

And in terms of its form, Intra also sets new standards. The look of high-quality conference chairs has been adapted from a prestigious style to a modern and dynamic design with an embracing seat shell plus classy armrests, organic shapes, exclusive upholstery with its distinctive stitching and the synchro-adjustment mechanism controls virtually concealed in the seat and armrests. The combination of dynamic form and function predestines Intra to be both a conference chair and a smart option for modern executive offices.

Conference setting with Intra in red-white in Milan.

The impressive Intra model with its high backrest, which complements the range already presented with compact and medium-height backrests, had its global premiere in Milan. All models come with seat cushioning and fully upholstered backrests. The frames and armrests are made of die-cast aluminium which is bright chrome-plated, polished or with a textured matte finish. Leather coverings are also possible. Intra optionally has glides or castors. The covers from the first-class fabric and leather collection open up a broad range of design options for interior designers to highlight different settings.


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Intra is available in numerous types of upholstery and frames and in three backrest heights.