Style as the default


Wilkhahn chairs add the finishing touch to the interior design concept for the attractive new spaces at GFL Environmental’s headquarters in Toronto.

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New at Orgatec: the “Sitzbock”


Wilkhahn will have plenty of innovations on show at Orgatec. We’ll be giving you a sneak peek in the blog. One example is the fun-looking seat “Sitzbock”.

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Wilkhahn Orgatec 2018

Orgatec 2018 – save the date


Wilkhahn’s inviting visitors to its office for motion showcase at the premier 2018 fair on work culture

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Back-friendly products


The German Alliance Against Backache awards Wilkhahn’s three-dimensional ON, IN and AT office chairs the “tested and recommended” seal of approval.

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From how to wow


Wilkhahn’s active working workshop in Hong Kong was all about new trends in the office environment.

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Activity-based working


Whether people are looking for a home or a car, Scout24 finds the right solution. The same principle applies to working in the online market place provider’s Munich offices.

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One principle, three solutions


Part 5 of the free-to-move series: these three free-to-move office chair ranges from Wilkhahn are ideal for a whole host of office environments.

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Wilkhahn Universalstuhl Aula

Versatile and classy


Our furniture’s already won the iF Award, Iconic Award and now we’re delighted to have products in the Winners category of the Red Dot Award for our Aula multipurpose chair and mAx folding table.

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Studies by the Centre for Health: free-to-move – healthier, happier and more productive


Part 4 of the free-to-move series: studies by the Centre for Health corroborate the positive impact of the movement concept.

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“Reaching the limit of what is possible.”


In the Design Talk Wolfgang C.R. Mezger explains the special design features of the Aula multipurpose chair.

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Freedom to move in digital office workspaces


Part 3 of the free-to-move series: what lies behind the Trimension® movement concept and how does it help to stimulate the body’s metabolism?

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Black Beauty


The Metrik cantilever chair (design: whiteID) is now available with a black chrome-plated, stackable frame.

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New ergonomics: sitting in natural positions


Part 2 of the free-to-move series: the free-to-move movement concept places stimulation and a natural range of motion at centre stage of new sitting ergonomics.

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A heavenly place to be


An LED illuminated ceiling in Pamplona resembles an abstract sky. Wilkhahn chairs create organic touches and ensure people sit healthily.

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Body and mind – a Stone Age DNA in a high-tech era


Part 1 of the free-to-move series: Wilkhahn’s free-to-move movement concept stands for new ergonomics in digitalised offices. A five-part series explains the integrated concept.

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The story of sitting


Sitting still is passé! The new free-to-move film entertainingly advocates more movement in the workplace and is the trailer to our new series about the subject.

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Wilkhahn Technikbox_Compact

Smart and easy: power at your fingertips


They provide the electricity supply and look good too: Wilkhahn’s techni-stations offer streamlined power supply solutions in contemporary designs.

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Showroom Madrid Casamitjana Interior Design Innenausstattung

The showroom like a museum


Wilkhahn’s Madrid showroom has been given a make-over. In our interview, interior designer Santi Casamitjana tells us what’s so special about the newly designed showroom.

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A matter of heart


Location, facilities, panoramic views. Criteria that play an important role in holiday accommodation – and are also part of the self-image of the new HRS Group building.

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Getting the future back


The diverse legacy of the Pritzker prize winner and his importance for the present and future were discussed at Wilkhahn’s architectural symposium entitled Shaping the Future – Frei Otto’s Cultural Legacy.

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