The making-of Wilkhahn’s new film

06.09.2016 | by Wilkhahn Germany

Four long days spent filming, 20 key characters and three hours of uncut film are the results of work on the new Wilkhahn film which will premiere at Orgatec in Cologne this autumn. Viewers can then look forward to an insight into Wilkhahn’s world which revolves around innovations, precise design and quality.

The film primarily focuses on people and their work. They lie at the heart of the exemplary, German-designed chairs and tables which are encountered in offices and conference spaces across the world. Some 70 per cent of the company’s products are exported, suggesting just how much expertise the associated logistics entail.

But the film also focuses on the diverse technologies and production processes in Bad Münder. These include cutting materials to size, sewing, upholstery and table top manufacture, design, final assembly and powder coating.

The film crew of five included the director, camera man, sound engineer and assistant. They arrived from Berlin with two transporters which were crammed full of equipment and included a crane to enable shots from up high. They produced plenty of footage which will be edited to produce an entertaining film. We’re sure you’ll like the end result.


More Wilkhahn videos at Youtube

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