Let the film roll: the idea behind Metrik and Occo

28.06.2017 | by Wilkhahn Germany

In just under a minute, our first new film explains what the idea behind the Metrik chair is. The design bears whiteID’s hallmark and isn’t just the reinterpretation of a cantilever chair, but an interesting solution that’s all about sitting in the chair and not just on it. Andreas Hess uses Metrik’s design process to illustrate what we at Wilkhahn understand by integrated design.

During our second film, Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub, who together form jehs+laub, tell you everything worth knowing about the new Occo chair and last but not least, the clever part about the characteristic cut-out section of the seat shell. But see for yourself the two of them talking about comfort and stacking capabilities that ultimately produced the “chair kit”.

Read our Wilkhahn design talk with whiteID

Read our Wilkhahn design talk with jehs+laub

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Info about jehs+laub

Info about whiteID Integrated Design

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