Encouraging movement and interaction in office 4.0

08.09.2016 | by Wilkhahn Germany

The downsides of digitisation are the drop in physical activity and rise in stress. The combination of the two doesn’t just lead to backache, but to complaints involving the metabolic and immune systems. This is where innovative office chair concepts come in which stimulate the natural, three-dimensional flexibility the body’s capable of.

Stand-up invites you to hold an impromptu chat, swing your hips and get creative, design: Thorsten Franck

Academic studies show that small, but frequent and varied movements are all that’s required to bring about significant improvements in well-being and powers of concentration. But this demand for flexibility goes above and beyond the desks people sit at. The agile office 4.0 brings people together to share knowledge and to develop ideas. It fosters communication with other people and creates a sense of identity. In other words, the office becomes a place that encourages concentration, collaboration and coordination in order to respond to new demands as quickly as possible. Environments range from project offices, booths to retreat to for anyone wishing to mull over ideas or to concentrate in peace, to various communication and learning spaces, as well as areas for meetings and conferences. Offices as places of movement and interaction are major keys towards ensuring a healthy, motivated and team-driven workforce.

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